Husband and father .
Raised in Los Angeles California
I was a Soldier in the U.S. Army from 1997-2006…..served as a 15F E-5
In the military I traveled around the states to include, OK, TX, VA, FL, and out to Korea, and deployed to Iraq in 2005 (during this time I also tattooed in Korea and Iraq)…after the military I stayed in Tn for much too long, and now I live in beautiful Salt Lake City.
Started tattooing in 2006 and continue to do so…Black and grey surrealism , color , and cover ups …I am not a tattooer…I am a artist who tattoos.
From a young age I had a need to draw and create. Pencils, paint brushes , tattoo machines….once you figure out the basic mechanics, I believe any instrument can be used to create something out of nothing…Art is a verb…Art is my life


tattooer, Artist