You will need : Cetaphil (facewash) or dove white bar soap 


                     :lotion (Aveeno, Lubriderm, Curel) 

1. Leave bandage on overnight (it will prevent you from waking up "stuck" to your sheets).,

2. In the morning thoroughly  wash tattoo with Cetaphil, if not available use a mild pure soap(dove or ivory) and use only your hands. No washcloths, luffas, sponges, etc.....rinse and repeat

3. Pat dry with a clean towel....***make sure to let it air dry for 20 minutes***

4. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor...thin!! 

5. Before bedtime.. Repeat the cleaning process, air dry, apply Aquaphor


   *Aquaphor will be applied for 3 days, twice a day....after that use a good water based lotion

6. Apply lotion 3-4 times a day...whenever it feels tight and dry. By day 4 it should peel like a sunburn , this is normal .....DO NOT SCRATCH!

***** No swimming pools, hot tubs, or tanning!

***** No picking at or scratching your new tattoo!

***** Do not listen to ANYONE else about tattoo aftercare, I know how my work heals,  if you stray from my directions I will not be responsible for the results.....




***** Touch ups are free within the first 60 days! After that 60 day period fees may 
       apply, and I must see the tattoo in person to warrant a touch up service